Friday, June 12, 2009

The Real Search for ET

Talk about searching for ET and you might get a few giggles. We have this strange duality when it concerns aliens. Usually when anyone speaks of finding ET it concerns UFO's or groups like SETI. There is still a curtain of laughter surrounding the issue for a number of reasons. But one look at a galaxy dotted Hubble image and the laughter begins to wane and a sobering question lingers. Out of the billions and billions (think Sagan) of galaxies and suitable stars is there anything else?? AnyONE else?? AnyTHING else??

I happen to think that undoubtedly there is. And with newer and more advanced techniques we come closer to finding out. We are in an era where we can utilize the vast amount of data collection to analyze the potential for life. And a this new search method should help. Keep your eyes on the skies and you bookmarks on scientists like these because before you know it, the world as we know it may change. What happens next is anyones guess.

The Search for ET just got Easier